UPDATED 06:00 EDT / JUNE 14 2023


Cybersixgill launches AI-powered cyberthreat intelligence solution

Cyberthreat intelligence data provider Cybersixgill today announced the launch of Cybersixgill IQ, a new generative artificial intelligence solution designed to redefine cyberthreat intelligence.

Cybersixgill IQ draws on extensive intelligence data from Cybersixgill, officially named SixGill Inc., including hard-to-access deep and dark web sources, enabling users at various security maturity levels to access and benefit from cyberthreat intelligence, known as CTI. AI in the new service addresses diverse user-profiles and cybersecurity challenges, facilitating faster responses to cyberattacks and improving operational efficiencies, Cybersixgill says.

The company argues that its AI service is unique in its capability compared to other generative AI cybersecurity solutions, as it does not rely on simple integrations with OpenAI LP’s ChatGPT but utilizes AI across all its features.

Cybersixgill’s generative AI intelligently responds to customer inquiries with data and insights that match the challenges and use cases specific to their organization. The result is claimed to be a solution that can deliver a range of outputs, from high-level threat summaries for C-level executives to vulnerability exposure analyses for managed service providers to comprehensive forensic incident reports for detection and response teams.

Cybersixgill IQ seamlessly integrates into existing CTI workflows, supplementing and enhancing the company’s dark web insights through its portal or application programming interface. In addition, the generative AI tool transforms access to threat intelligence and the insights it provides in several ways.

The AI tool democratizes CTI by converting raw, tactical intelligence, previously available only to seasoned CTI analysts, into easily digestible, contextually rich summaries for all cybersecurity professionals. The tool also harnesses AI to rapidly generate tailored, finished intelligence adapted to each organization’s unique industry, geography, user persona and business requirements, according to the company.

The tool further redefines user interaction with CTI, delivering insights via a threat intelligence chatbot, a context-specific assistant or the Cybersixgill portal, allowing users to concentrate on addressing critical intelligence queries instead of learning system operation. Doing so is said to maximize value with reduced time and effort.

“AI is only as good as the data that feeds it,” Gabi Reish, chief business development and product officer at Cybersixgill, said ahead of the launch. “In cybersecurity, real value and direction in AI come from access to the broadest, deepest data lake of underground threat intelligence, which we provide.”

Image: Cybersixgill

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